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November 21st to 23rd at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort

Weekend to Remember is great for marriages of all
stages, including pre-marrieds and teaches how to deepen their relationship and enrich their marriage. The FamilyLife® Weekend to Remember® will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort, November 21-23, 2014. This getaway is great for marriages of all stages, including pre-marrieds. As a matter of fact, it qualifies for the Twogether in Texas pre-marital education program, allowing you to get your marriage license for free. Couples will enjoy a weekend together in a beautiful setting learning how to deepen their relationship and enrich their marriage. They’ll hear from live speakers, work on meaningful projects, and relax away from the busy, everyday lives they lead. Pastors and active duty military can attend on scholarship, as well as participate in break-out sessions designed especially for them. Contact Michelle Ellis at miellis@familylife.com for the details. Registration is open now at www.familylife.com/weekend. Be sure to enter the group name SanAntonioMarriageInitiative at registration to save $100 per couple. This getaway is going to sell out!

Events in the planning process for early 2015:

Sacred Search conference with bestselling author Gary Thomas
Theology of the Body with Christopher West
Rhythm & Romance with Tim Russo

"Marriage Mondays" are a time of prayer for the establishment of strong, healthy, stable, and godly marriages. The first Monday of every month, join us for a conference call prayer time. Strong marriage and family are the foundation of a strong society. Learn more and register at www.cityreachers.net. Also, take a moment to see the new "Marriage Mondays" Video.

Love Reboot

A 3-day intensive workshop for marriages in crisis.
If any of the following applies to you:
-Either spouse is considering divorce
-Currently or recently separated
-Current or recent affair
You should start with the “E.R.” for marriages!

Current research shows that an effective marriage intensive is far more successful than traditional approaches. Jon & Joanna have led more than 50 such workshops in numerous cities across the U.S..

For more information or to pre-register go to www.GrowingLoveNetwork.org
Scholarships available

Retrouvaille Program

Do you feel lost, alone or bored in your marriage? Are you frustrated, hurt or angry with your spouse? Are you constantly fighting? Or, do you simply shut down? Have you thought about separation or divorce?
Does talking about it only make it worse? Retrouvaille -
A program to Help Couples Heal and Renew their Marriages.

For confidential information about Retrouvaille call 210-848-3278

Marriage Preparation Seminars and Retreats for 2013
The purpose of the Archdiocese of San Antonio Marriage Preparation process is to provide a comprehensive and dynamic program through our monthly seminars (in English and Spanish) and quarterly retreats (in English) for engaged couples seeking to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage.

Turning Good Marriages into Great Marriages
Worldwide Marriage Encounter’s Mission of renewal in the church and change in the world is to assist couples and priests to live fully intimate and responsible relationships by providing them with a Catholic “experience” and ongoing community support for such a lifestyle. Would you like to take a weekend to revitalize your marriage? This is a time for you and your spouse to be alone, rediscover each other and focus on your relationship. This Encounter is designed to deepen and enrich the lives a couple shares, whether they have been married a couple of years or have been married many years. Every marriage deserves this kind of attention!


Getting Started in Marriage Ministry

When men and women fail to form stable marriages, the first result is a vast expansion of government attempts to cope with the terrible social needs that result. There is scarcely a dollar that the state and federal government spends on social programs that is not driven, in large part, by family fragmentation: crime, poverty, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, school failure, mental and physical health problems.  -Maggie Gallagher